• I've already placed an order... how can I track it?

    Thank you for your order! For info regarding order status, select the chat box in the bottom right corner and click "Track an Order"! All you need is your order number or the email you placed your order with. If you have any trouble email us hello@eatpopsters.com, or send a message through the chat.

  • How fast will my order arrive?

    We love your enthusiasm! We understand it, too. That’s why we take great pride in getting our popsters in your hands — or the hands of your loved ones — in just 3 business days via UPS Air for orders placed by 3pm EST. This excludes P.O. Box or APO/FPO addresses, which will be shipped via USPS. For international orders, shipping times will vary as well. For further questions about shipping, shoot us an email to hello@eatpopsters.com - we are ready to assist you!

  • Can I add a gift note to my gift box?

    Definitely! You're recipent will love our custom gift boxes and gift notes, plus it will arrive within 3 business days! You can easily add a gift note by selecting “Add a Free Gift Note” when creating your order. From there, you can type in your recipient’s name and a lovely message!

  • Can I schedule a future delivery date?

    You bet! Select future delivery when you place your order and we'll ship it FRESH to arrive when you say! You can schedule a future delivery date up to 6 weeks in advance. We suggest that you select a day or two before your desired date, just in case there are last minute carrier delays. We fill our tubes with fresh popsters every single morning to ensure that you're order is of the highest quality when it is delivered.

  • Can I ship this as a gift?

    Absolutely! Our popsters make the perfect gift for any occasion. You can also choose a beautful gift box and custom note from you to your recipient! Plus, it will arrive in 3 business days via UPS Air, so your gift will always arrive FRESH and on time, whenever & wherever! And just so you know we NEVER include a receipt or price in any of our orders.

  • Can you send a coporate order or any bulk order to one or many adresses?

    We’re so excited to help you create some amazing group gifts with absolutely no hassle - whether you’re looking for custom logos or shipping to multiple recipients, we can do it all! Our concierge is ready and excited to walk you through our seamless gifting process -reach out today!

  • Can I select certain flavors for my gift box?

    Of course! You can create your own gift box, they're one of our best sellers!

  • Can I customize or place a logo on my Popsters tubes for gifting?

    Yes! We’d love to work with you to create an amazing custom gift for any occasion! Head to our Corporate Gifting page and tell us what you’re thinking! Our Gifting Concierge Team is looking forward to creating something incredible just for you :)

  • Can I ship to a P.O. Box or an APO/FPO Address?

    Yes! These orders will be sent via USPS priority mail. Unfortunately, we can’t offer express shipping to these addresses.

  • Does Popsters.com ship internationally?

    You're in luck—we ship to over 100 countries! Simply fill in the shipping address, and you will get all of the information you need when placing the order. Order today for your loved ones outside the U.S.! If you live outside the U.S. we have got you covered!

  • Where are Popsters made?

    Our Popsters are made in a specialty confection factory in the USA. Our world-class chocolatiers have developed this limited-edition confection - the Popster - unavailable anywhere else in the world! Our mission was to create a delectable, handcrafted chocolate treat unlike anything ever made.

  • Where can I find nutritional information?

    Nutritional information can be found on our product page and on the bottom of every delicious popster-filled tube.

  • Which products are gluten free?

    We are happy to say that 7 out of our 8 delicious flavors are Gluten-Free! The Cookies & Cream is the only flavor with a bit of wheat flour. For the full nutritional information, feel free to send an email over to hello@eatpopsters.com and we’ll get right back to you!

  • Do you have any sugar free flavors?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer any sugar free popsters. However, you're in luck because our sister brand licorice.com offers a variety of delicious flavors that are sugar free! Check them out today!

  • Are popsters Kosher?

    Our Popsters are made in a Kosher facility. However, at times, we repackage some of our product in a distribution center that is not Kosher certified, so please keep in mind that you will not see any Kosher symbol on our tubes - at least not yet! We’re working on that for next year. Shoot us an email at hello@eatpopsters.com for more information.

  • How many Popsters are in each tube?

    Each tube is filled with 1 lb of pure Popster bliss! That adds up to over 100 Popsters - that’s quite a lot of crunch in one tube! The "sampler" sets are 1/2 pound each.

  • How long will my Popsters stay fresh?

    We guarantee maximum freshness of all flavors up to at least 3 months with the product covered and stored in a cool dry place. After that, your popsters will still be great, but may not have that same “wow factor” of popcorn crunch!

  • Can I return my Popsters?

    Sorry, but due to food safety regulations, products cannot be returned, even if unopened. If something is wrong please don't hesitate to shoot us an email to hello@eatpopsters.com, and we will try to help in anyway possible!

  • Can I sell Eatpopsters.com products on my online or physical store location?

    Yes! Just email hello@eatpopsters.com and tell us what you're interested in; we’ll work with you to create an awesome product!