What is a Popster?

Years ago, our family dreamt of fusing two classic confections — an undertaking that would change the world of sweets forever. After much hard work and (lots!) of taste-testing, we’ve perfected the recipe. We’re so excited to finally introduce the newest member of the GOAT Foods family — the Popster®

We start with a single piece of crunchy caramel popcorn, a dash of artisanal sea salt, fully enrobed in rich, velvety premium chocolate, and other incredible flavors.

The result: a sweet n’ salty experience like never before. A totally new, totally delicious, totally shareable confection! Dare we say it’s The Greatest of all Time?

Discover this irresistible marriage of
popcorn & chocolate...

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Our 6 MOST POPULAR Flavors

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Our 6 MOST POPULAR Flavors...

Milk Chocolate

A single piece of crunchy caramel glazed popcorn, sprinkled with a dash of artisanal sea salt, and finally enrobed in a generous blanket of Belgian milk chocolate. The result: a sweet n’ salty match made in heaven!

Dark Chocolate

Experience our ultra-premium and crunchy dark chocolate Popsters and your taste buds will flip out! The combination of the lightly sprinkled crunch of caramel corn – enrobed in a rich dark chocolate blanket – is a true double header of confections! You or your loved ones who get these will undoubtedly say OMG at first bite.

White Chocolate

To those who say white chocolate isn’t really chocolate, we say: who cares. We adore white chocolate - the smooth, buttery, almost angelic flavor is unparalleled by any other. But, paired with our freshly popped caramel corn and a sprinkle of artisanal sea salt… it’s unbelievable (dare we say immaculate?) Get ready, because your taste buds are about to experience a whole new realm of flavors.

Peanut Butter Cup

If you think peanut butter + chocolate was the pairing of the century, wait ‘till you try these PB Cup Popsters! Get ready to lose yourself in layers of smooth peanut butter, creamy chocolate, and a salted caramel corn center that will leave you speechless. Pure peanut butter + chocolate pleasure available at the click of a button.

Cookies N' Cream

This delicious flavor remix is an homage to everyone’s favorite after-school treat: Cookies & Cream. Crunchy, creamy, chocolatey indulgence in a single bite – just like these Popsters. Who knew that chocolate cookies, sweet cream, and caramel corn were made to be together? Our chefs did!

Café Au Lait

For the coffee connoisseur with a caramel craving that never quits… we made this flavor just for you! With dancing flavors of nutty, dark roast coffee and freshly popped caramel corn, this combo is a match made in heaven - just like coffee & milk. Pop one of these in your mouth for a fun flavor trip to France, with none of the travel headache!

The Popster™ Variety Pack

5,000+ 5-Star Reviews

Try the Popster Variety Pack and discover the irresistible marriage of popcorn & chocolate that’ll have you reaching for more until the very last bite. With a sprinkle of sea salt and a crunchy caramel corn core enrobed in a generous blanket of creamy, chocolatey goodness, our Popsters are a sweet & salty match made in popcorn heaven! Tell your tastebuds to strap in, because you’ve never experienced indulgence like this before. Includes 6 Sampler Tubes of our Best Selling Flavors: 

• Milk Chocolate

• Dark Chocolate

• White Chocolate

• Cookies N' Cream

• Café Au Lait

• Peanut Butter Cup



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