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What is a Popster™?

Years ago, our family dreamt of fusing two classic confections, and after much hard work and (lots!) of taste-testing, we’ve perfected the recipe:

We start with a single piece of freshly popped, crunchy caramel popcorn...

Sprinkled with a dash of artisanal Maldon sea salt...

Then, our chocolatiers fully enrobe this delicious morsel with a generous blanket of rich, luscious chocolate (& other incredible flavors)...

The Result?

A sweet n' salty match made in heaven!

The Popster™ Variety Pack



6,200 Trusted Reviews

Try the Popster Variety Pack and discover the irresistible marriage of popcorn & chocolate that’ll have you reaching for more until the very last bite. With a sprinkle of sea salt and a crunchy caramel corn core enrobed in a generous blanket of creamy, chocolatey goodness, our Popsters are a sweet & salty match made in popcorn heaven! Tell your tastebuds to strap in, because you’ve never experienced indulgence like this before.



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Explore Our 6 Best Sellers...

  • Dark Chocolate

    A sophisticated, sweet-yet-balanced delight with every bite. Experience the refined marriage of both flavor & texture: a deep, but not overpowering, duality of flavor. Welcome to the dark side.

  • Peanut Butter Cup

    Get ready to lose yourself in layers of smooth peanut butter, creamy chocolate, and a salted caramel corn center that will leave you speechless. Pure peanut butter + chocolate bliss.

  • Cookies & Cream

    This delicious flavor remix is an homage to everyone’s favorite after-school treat: Cookies n' Cream. Who knew that chocolate cookies, sweet cream, and caramel corn were made to be together? Our chefs did!

  • White Chocolate

    We adore white chocolate - the smooth, buttery, almost angelic flavor is unparalleled by any other. But, paired with our freshly popped caramel corn and artisanal sea salt… it’s unbelievable (dare we say immaculate?)

  • Cafe Aú Lait

    For the coffee connoisseur with a caramel craving that never quits! With dancing flavors of nutty, dark roast coffee and freshly popped caramel corn, this combo is a match made in heaven - just like coffee & milk.

  • Milk Chocolate

    A single piece of crunchy caramel glazed popcorn, sprinkled with a dash of artisanal sea salt, and finally enrobed in a generous blanket of Belgian milk chocolate. The result: a sweet n’ salty match made in heaven!

Take it from our 10,000+ Raving Fans...

  • "I should NEVER have ordered these - I can’t stop eating them they were so yummy! I can’t pick a favorite flavor, because they were all FANTASTIC!"

    - Wendy H.

  • "These are the most wicked awesome popcorn treats we’ve ever had! The popcorn is light and fluffy and the chocolate is delicious!!"

    - Sarah G.

  • "Love this company! Customer service was so helpful and the product speaks for itself: best thing since sliced bread! Keep up the great work Popsters!"

    - Nicole L.

  • "Definitely my new favorite snack. Perfect combo. Total happiness. And shipping was very quick so they arrived very fresh. I’ll be ordering more soon!"

    - Mike L.

  • "Perfect in every way - fun containers, fresh popcorn, flavor was spot on (not too sweet), and shipping was fast. Absolutely the best popcorn treat I have ever eaten!"

    - Jamie F.

  • "Oh my, popsters are amazing! I don’t know how they do it, but they’re dangerously addictive. I almost ate them all! 10/10 and they make amazing gifts too!"

    - Kristen J.

The Popster™ Variety Pack



6,200 Trusted Reviews

Try Our 6 MOST POPULAR Flavors

Over 3 lbs of Popsters (300+ Pieces)

FAST Delivery in Under 4 Days




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About the Family Behind the Popster™

Growing up going to the movies, we used to combine our popcorn and our chocolate snacks and eat it in one bite. Years later, we decided to reminisce about these fun concoctions.

We decided we wanted to create an epicurean experience like the good old days, but a little more sophisticated. It had to be bite-size, yet elevated. Sweet, but salty. Something that makes you want to be a kid again.